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Welcome to John Girardi Law, where quality representation meets unmatched expertise. As one of California's premier litigators, dedicated efforts are aimed at delivering exceptional legal services that consistently yield optimal results for esteemed clients.

Why John Girardi Law?

John Girardi Law offers quality representation and a reputation as one of California’s top litigators.

When you choose John Girardi Law, you gain more than just legal representation—you gain a trusted partner who will stand by your side throughout the entire legal journey.


John understands that each case holds unique complexities and challenges, and prompts an approach that goes above and beyond, involving close collaboration with clients to ensure objectives are not only met but surpassed. 

Renowned for his meticulous approach, John’s comprehensive case development process leaves no detail unnoticed. Every aspect of your legal matter is handled with the utmost care, leveraging his extensive knowledge and experience to construct a compelling strategy tailored to your specific needs.

50+ Years of Practice Experience

100+ Civil Jury & Non-Jury Trials

250+ Verdicts & Settlements each in excess of $1,000,000

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Areas of Practice

John Girardi Law offers quality representation and a reputation as one of California’s top litigators, John has established himself as a prominent civil litigator in the following areas of practice:

Employment Litigation

Involving conflicts or disagreements regarding workplace rights, such as discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, wage disputes, or violations of labor laws.

Product Liability

If a product fails to perform as expected, poses a risk to consumers, or has design flaws, manufacturing defects, or inadequate warnings or instructions.


Occurring when a person or entity fails to exercise reasonable care, leading to the harm or injury of another party.

Government Entity Liability

If a government entity fails to fulfill its duties or acts negligently, resulting in harm to individuals or their property, it can be held accountable for the losses suffered by those affected.

Sexual Victimization of Minors

Any forced sexual activity with a youth (nonconsensual sexual acts and other sexual contacts). Even though years may have passed, assailants and just as importantly their employers or principals may be held accountable for what may be significant consequences over years.

Land Subsidence

Whether inadequate development or construction issues, property may lose its integrity and cause damage to the soil or home or building of any kind.

Medical Negligence

Health care providers are to practice according to the ‘standard of care’ and the failure to do so can produce untoward results which may be the result of negligence.

Premises Liability

Besides the obligation of a landowner to keep any premises free of defects for any user, there is also the obligation to provide security under certain circumstances.

Pharmaceutical Litigation

When it is believed a medication or medical product has caused harm or is not adequately safe or effective.